Why Lawyers Should Use Social Media To Simplify The Purchase Of Their Services

by Eria

There is too much information in the world. And, quite frankly, there is so much choice in terms of how we can access facts, data, opinions, content and feedback.

When lawyers find it harder to attract more clients and want to consider using social media more to help them do so, this is one important fact they need to be aware of.

Now, there are some lawyers doing very well despite the economic downturn, and who feel their current client attraction or retention efforts are working well despite the fact thet don’t really use social media to do so.

However, there will be some that find things a bit more difficult (or are starting off on their own), and who want to use social media to build a position of authority pretty quickly within their target niches.

For the latter, there is now so much choice in terms of the various social media options they could use, that is it is easy to back off from actually starting anything because there is always something else one could try that might actually be more successful – and lawyers like to be confident of success before they try anything.

The key thing to remember is this…

Just make things simple for people to find you, follow you and buy from you.

To find you, you need to make people aware of you but, more importantly, you need to hang out in the online places where your target market is otherwise people will not know you exist. Invisibility is a lawyer’s greatest danger if they want to grow their business.

To follow you, you need to make sure the information you provide satisfies your prospects’ needs, and shows them how to eliminate any frustrations they have or improve their lives.

To buy from you, you need to give evidence of the value prospects will get if they buy from you, and you have to follow up to prevent buyer’s remorse. What offers or incentives can you give, and what guarantees do you provide?

Now, I have just made a HUGE simplification of what you should use social media for in order to attract and retain new clients. But what I want to get across is the simple clarity needed if you want to use social media to get the results you need and prosper.

You then need social media metrics that specifically give you insight as to whether you achieve any of the goals above. Some of the metrics you have may not do so, which is fine as they might give you further insights that are still valuable. But you need to make sure you focus primarily on the above 3.

So, start simple.

I have talked previously about having a well developed social media strategy. This does not mean it has to be complex, especially when you are just starting off.

Again, keep it simple, test it, and make sure you measure it against the 3 categories highlighted above.

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