Meet The Founder

Eria Odhuba shows lawyers how to develop effective social media strategies so that they attract more high-quality leads, grow their law firm practices and become more profitable.

Eria helps lawyers whose social media, or marketing, efforts have failed miserably in the past to develop leadership poisitions within specific niches that result in measurable business growth. The social media tactics deployed to support the overall business strategy help lawyers develop trusted relationships with prospects and clients.

Eria helps lawyers:

1. Get more exposure in their local / target market
2. Attract high quality leads or enquiries
3. Convert more leads into clients

Many lawyers still use old-fashioned strategies to try and attract clients, which work less as more people now use social media platforms to search for information, get recommendations, rate organisations and make purchase decisions. Eria works with lawyers to improve their reputations within their social networks and stand out, positively, from the competition.

What lawyers get is a new business model for engaging with prospects and clients, and means lawyers have conversations with prospects that trust them and value the content they provide. This is far better than simply relying on cold calling, getting referrals and attending networking events.

How lawyers attract clients determines the value the clients attach to the relationship developed and influences how long they remain clients. If lawyers invest enough resources at the start of relationships to develop a trusted leadership position, and know the aspirations their prospects have, then they are more likely to convert more leads and provide the legal services that clients really need.

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