If you are a lawyer, how many times have you been surprised by the loss of a client that you thought was happy with what you delivered? When this happened, did you challenge the assumptions you had about how great you thought your services were? Given the fact that you want to have high quality […]

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If you follow some of the law firm-focused discussion groups on LinkedIn, you’ll inevitably read some that moan about the low priority given to marketing and business development in many law firms. I have mentioned before that one of the reasons why marketing is poorly planned and executed in law firms is because not enough […]


Why Law Firms Need To Create Different Offers For Evolving Buyer Cycles

December 11, 2012

One of the problems you may face as a lawyer is getting prospects to eliminate all other options available and select you to provide the legal services they are looking for. Given this pressure, you may be tempted to try and get an immediate sale so that you then have the chance to ‘WOW’ them […]

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Why Law Firm Content Marketing In 2013 Has To Be Personal And Contextual

December 7, 2012

Law firms that want to differentiate themselves in the minds of prospects and be seen as leaders realise the need to have a steady stream of good quality content that people are actively looking for. Content marketing, when done right, is a powerful lead generation tool that law firms should not ignore. However, have you […]

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Why Law Firm Marketing Has To Make A Measurable Impact On Revenue In 2013

December 6, 2012

Many law firms have confused lead generation with increasing awareness. The second is easy to do, hence more lawyers have gone down this route. The problem is that it does not necessarily mean you actually get more leads, increase your law firm client base or get more money. It often also takes place without any […]

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Why Inbound Marketing Is More Of A Priority For Law Firms In 2013

December 4, 2012

In previous posts, I have mentioned the need to automate marketing and communications as part of a law firm’s lead generation strategy, primarily because it is a better option than doing nothing or marketing in a very sporadic manner. For law firms that have done this, it at least provides regular contact with prospects and […]

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Why Everything Lawyers Do Is Marketing

October 12, 2012

marketing [mahr-ki-ting] noun the one thing many lawyers hate doing as they want to focus on delivering legal services. something to be pushed aside, postponed or given to someone else to focus on. a subject not taught at law school…so it can’t be that relevant Hands up if you are a lawyer who has defined […]

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4 Steps Lawyers Should Take To Package Their Legal Services More Effectively

October 2, 2012

A recent article in the Law Society Gazette highlights a key problem many lawyers face when trying to market their services and identify hot prospects – how to package their legal services and promises. I have mentioned the need to package legal services properly amongts other crucial steps, but when this is done poorly, it […]

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7 Mistakes Lawyers Must Avoid Making Before Doing Any Web Marketing To Attract More Clients

August 31, 2012

If you are a lawyer who wonders why all the web marketing efforts you have made did not get you the clients you wanted, I want you to think back and reflect on the mistakes you may have made and what you can do to rectify them. Many lawyers are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about […]

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What Lawyers Ought To Know About The Use Of Technology For Competitive Advantage

August 9, 2012

Is technology leading to a dumbing down of the legal profession? Not, but it will act as an enabler and help technology-savvy firms differentiate themselves from the laggards. This is because technology, if properly used, can help lawyers become more efficient at running their businesses and provide better customer experiences. A key challenge some lawyers […]

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