Why Lawyers Need To Stop Talking About Social Media

by Eria

This seems like a suicidal statement, given the name of this blog, especially since I talked about this subject earlier this year here.

However, it rings true for any lawyer and I am coming back to this subject because it remains a big issue for many lawyers.

The view that social media is a seperate activity that, even if well executed, is an add-on to other business activity is simply wrong.

We have to look at social media less as a practice and more as a mentality – which means changing the culture within law firms. It goes beyond platforms, but must be seen as a channel to engage, develop trust (see how I have not said it should simply be to build brand awareness), generate leads or referrals and bring in more business.

Marketing, to unearth hot prospects willing to buy your legal services, should incorporate social media as part of a holistic approach that includes offline and online elements.

This means that social media metrics should contribute to the overall growth and client satisfaction metrics that law firms have as they look to compete effectively.

In my experience, there are more lawyers that have started using social media to help raise their profiles. However, very few are really happy with the success they have got.

Some simply had poor metrics in place – e.g. number Twitter followers or Facebook likes. As I have said before, this is not enough if the use of these platforms does not move prospects down a well-designed sales funnel.

Cultures  and mindset shifts within law firms, especially those that might have been around for a very long time, can seem as slow as changing the direction of a ship.

But law firms, and all the support staff, need to stop seeing social media as a special add-on to core legal and marketing activity, and simply embrace it on a day-to-day basis as part of the relationship-building and client engagement processes.

Short post – not much more to say. But stop talking about social media, and just do it!!

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