Why Lawyers Need To Make It Simple For Prospects To Learn And Make Decisions

by Eria

There is a great article on Forbes about  the need to simply decision making processes for prospects. One of the key challenges law firm rainmakers or business development teams face is making it simple for a prospect to take the  next step through their sales funnels.

When lawyers start to use social media to help generate leads, there is the temptation to try and engage with as many people as possible as a means of standing out in the crowd. This appears to make sense as engagement is seen as the best way to get prospects interested in specific or complex legal services in the long term.

However, this becomes a problem when lawyers saturate their messages or communications with too much information because they are keen to demonstrate their expertise.

Engagement then becomes muddled, especially if it is done for the sake of engagement.

And, crucially, they make it difficult for prospects to find the information they are looking for.

While I disagree with the article on relationships – it says customers don’t want relationships, they just want to make simple choices – I feel that relationships are key to building trust in legal services. Making it easy for clients or prospects to make a choice should still remain the end-goal for law firm lead generation programs.

So how can lawyers simplify their lead generation?

Here are a few tips (many of which I have mentioned before)…

  1. Know your sales funnel: you need to map out your sales funnel so that you know what steps you want prospects to take each time you communicate with them;
  2. Make sure you have identified a specific niche so that your message is relevant to whoever gets it;
  3. Find out how prospects use social media within their decision-making process so you know how best to reach them and when;
  4. Create content, making sure that each piece focuses on one problem and how it could be solved, and have a call to action at the end to drive readers to the next step in your sales funnel (i.e. book a meeting, sign up to webinar or seminar, download a guide or template, etc);
  5. Use social media to point people towards the specific information you have created that will help them make a better or informed choice about what to do next. Social media should drive traffic to your content, and success should be measured what people then do once they get to the content;
  6. Don’t measure success by the number of engagments made, but by the number of contacts / followers that move through each step of your sales funnel – see here;
  7. Be patient – this does not mean you simply aim to engage prospects endlessly, but that you focus on adding value each time you communicate with prospects so that it becomes easier for them to pick the phone up and call you for your services.

So the question lawyers need to answer is this…

“Have we made it easier for prospects to find out what they need to then make a decision to go through each stage of or our sales funnel?”

Once this is answered with a resounding yes, then lawyers know they have a lead generation engine that works better than most of their competitors.

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