Why Everything Lawyers Do Is Marketing

by Eria

marketing [mahr-ki-ting]


  1. the one thing many lawyers hate doing as they want to focus on delivering legal services.
  2. something to be pushed aside, postponed or given to someone else to focus on.
  3. a subject not taught at law school…so it can’t be that relevant

Hands up if you are a lawyer who has defined marketing in similar terms to the above.

If you have not, then brilliant…this article will not change anything you do.

If you have looked at marketing like this though, like many other lawyers grappling with a fast-changing legal and competitive landscape, then perhaps you might want take specific action to change things.

Getting noticed is one of the biggest challenges lawyers face, and many of the old strategies used to win new clients are becoming less effective. The way clients make purchase decisions, including expensive legal services, is changing because of the impact technology and social media have in the research and evaluation stages.

A key issue that lawyers then have to resolve is how to transform themselves into effective marketing machines while continuing to deliver great services to clients. If they look at marketing as an additional activity that needs specific resources, it becomes easy to ignore it or is done poorly.

If, however, lawyers think of everything they do as marketing and structure their law firm to support this view, then it becomes easier to simply get on with it and eventually become more effective.

There is, of course, a bad way of doing marketing – and that includes setting up a website that simply lists the services you provide.

If lawyers provide content they know people are looking for (subject to regulatory approval of course), build a sales funnel that aims to build relationships with prospects over time, automate communications and have an effective way of providing opportunities for feedback or two-way conversations, then most of the problems they might have getting noticed will be sorted.

Everyone in the firm has to get on board – from the receptionists who greet visitors or answer phones, to client services managers who nurture relationships, right through to the lawyers who deliver the actual services. A new mindset is needed which appreciates the fact that every single activity has an impact on the experience prospects and clients have which, when done well, is the best marketing that law firms could ever do.

Short post – one key message. You are a marketer – everything you do has an impact on the perceptions people have of you both online and offline!


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