Creating Law Firm Social Media Campaigns With Specific Results In Mind

by Eria

One reason why many law firm social media campaigns fail is because there is no real thought put into defining what the ideal results are.

Now when people think of the ideal marketing results, they imagine having loads of prospects getting in touch and getting converted into clients.

That is all well and good, but lawyers have to be more specific about what they want prospects to do each time they contact them – whether it is via old-fashioned sales letters or social media.

The whole point of talking about sales funnels is because they give lawyers a specific roadmap that defines what actions will be taken depending on the relationships they have with prospects, the ideal response they want prospects to have and the timeframe by which prospects end up at a specific stage in the sales funnel.

You need to know what you are aiming for before creating your social media campaigns, but what you aim for has to be based on adding serious value at various stages of your sales funnel instead of just blasting people with information they simply don’t want.

So the first two questions lawyers have to ask themselves is what steps do they need to create in their sales funnel to get prospects to respond to their communications and, more importantly, what value can they provide to make it easier for prospects to want to respond the way the lawyers want?

This all comes back to providing content that people want and directing people towards that content using offline and social media channels.

Now the plans may change depending on responses, feedback, etc, but the whole point about doing social media effectively is that you need to know what you want your law firm to look like say 12 months down the line, and figure out the small steps that can get you there. Aligning social media to each of these steps is then easier than simply having a blog put up and hoping that people will simply read it and become clients.

All marketing, including social media marketing, takes time to be effective. You need to be realistic about what you an achieve, but you can also be more proactive rather than reactive if you clearly know what your sales funnel is and what you hope to achieve at each stage of the funnel.

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