7 Critical Steps Lawyers Have To Take To Attract And Convert Prospects Into Clients

by Eria

A key problem many lawyers have is that they simply don’t have the time or skills to put in place effective marketing and lead generation strategies.

On top of that, scepticism about marketing means a lot of lawyers will not think beyond referrals or networking opportunities. Social media simply doesn’t get much of a thought either when more traditional marketing methods have not been used in the first place.

The end result is that marketing is sporadic, with tactics that don’t really help lawyers build on any contacts made and which rely too much on selling services right at the start instead of building relationships.

Regulation, such as The Legal Services Act, and the increasing commoditisation or outsourcing of many services that lawyers have provided in the past means it is more crucial now to differentiate oneself from your competition, and create effective sales funnels that you can monitor on a daily basis.

Given this, there are some core, critical steps lawyers should take to have effective lead generation strategies in place.

This goes beyond simply raising awareness. After all, lawyers that embark on big ‘let us raise awareness’ campaigns tend to do so because their lead generation strategies have failed.

So, here are the 7 critical steps lawyers should take in order to get effective lead generation and client conversion strategies in place, focusing on building positions of authority in their respective target markets.

  1. Find a target niche to market to: Without a niche to target, market is expensive and it is much more difficult to stand out in the minds of potential prospects.
  2. Build an authority hub: This is where you deliver content via articles, blogs or newsletters to position yourself as an authority in your target niche. Any information here does not sell your services, but answers questions your prospects have which show them how to get what they want. It is also where readers can give you their contact details and opt-in to receiving more information from you in future.
  3. Create effective lead generation campaigns: One-off email or letter campaigns simply don’t work, especially if all they do is talk about the services you offer. Multi-step and multi-channel campaigns that point recipients to content you have available in your hub are the most effective way of gaining and retaining mindshare. This is where social media can be used effectively.
  4. Provide free information: This has to be magnetic, and attract attention because it is what prospects in your target niches are actively looking for to help them improve their lives. It also makes it easier to get people to opt in to your contacts list, giving you the chance to upsell prospects to further offers.
  5. Become more personal in your communications: Provide client success stories and show how you empathise with the problems people have. Even in large organisations, people buy from people, and if you stand out it makes it easier for them to think about the services you provide.
  6. Provide low-cost purchase opportunities: Sometimes, people want to buy a report or pay to attend a seminar / webinar before they make a final purchase decision. Make it easier for them to understand more about how they can solve their problems, and stand out as someone best placed to help them.
  7. Implement your legal services strategy: This may be the final step once someone decides to buy from you, but it does not mean they get cut off from all the great content you have available in your authority hub. Buyer’s remorse (i.e. the doubt that someone has after buying from you) is more easily displaced if they see more great case studies and thought leadership content coming from you.

I could go into much more detail on each of the steps above, but that is not the point of this post. I just want you to think about what you are doing and if you are taking each of the steps above to build your sales funnel.

If you do want more details about how to build an effective lead generation strategy, then sign up for the FREE 7 Day Video Training Series.

Lead generation and relationship building can’t be left to chance. You need to proactively go through each of the steps above if you want to build your practice.

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