Why Customer Feedback Has To Be At The Centre Of Your Legal Services Business Strategy

by Eria

 If you are a lawyer, how many times have you been surprised by the loss of a client that you thought was happy with what you delivered? When this happened, did you challenge the assumptions you had about how great you thought your services were?

Given the fact that you want to have high quality clients that stay with you for a very long time, you need to avoid many of the small mistakes that tend to lead to the loss of clients in the first place.

This may sound obvious, but the best way to avoid such mistakes is to make sure you fully understand what your clients’ key pain points AND aspirations are.

If you don’t know these, then how will you know whether they are happy with what you provide?

 The level of trust you develop with prospects before they sign up to your legal services, and the actions you take to maintain that trust once they become clients, will have a huge impact on how long they stay with you. Guaranteed!

So, if all you have done is win clients based on price, and not value, then you stand to lose more clients once a competitor focuses on the results of what they provide and the value to your clients.

You may have a huge list of clients already, and think that is where the money is. It is not. Your money is in the perceived value you provide that list. That perceived value can also easily disappear if you don’t have effective feedback mechanisms in place to know whether you are helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.

If you have read previous posts in his blog, you will know that I have covered the need to make sure you know the conversation going on in your prospects’ heads to start off with, and provide information that shows them how to get to where they want to be. This process does not stop when you sign them up as clients. It is continuous – you have to provide opportunities for feedback and two-way conversations before and after you get prospects to buy your services.

If you provide a great service to clients, then you should not be scared to ask for feedback. Don’t make assumptions as to why clients buy from you. Remember, there is always something you have not thought of that can be addressed. And if your clients’ needs change, you need to monitor that and make sure you match their expectations with your delivery.

How you get feedback, and what you do with it, is important too. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Avoid extremely long and detailed questionnaires. You are not interrogating your clients.
  • When providing free information to prospects as you move them through your sales funnel, allow them to comment on what you have provided and ask questions on how this would match their aspirations.
  • Make sure the feedback gets translated into positive action. More importantly, the value of the results of any action taken because of the feedback needs to be made clear to prospects and clients.
  • Use direct response marketing techniques to encourage feedback – e.g. provide a compelling offer for any feedback given.
  • Think about blogs or forums that enable open discussions to take place between customers, and with you. This shows you are open and will help you gain the trust you need to win and retain clients.
  • Let your employees (yes, the people in your business) provide feedback as well on the engagements they have with clients and their thoughts on what needs to be changed. A lot of professional services business owners and managers forget the value of internal feedback, yet this is a huge opportunity to make crucial changes to the way services are delivered.

There is a lot more I could write about feedback. Basically, if you are a lawyer with NO feedback mechanism whatsoever, then your ability to craft a message that communicates the value of what you provide will be hard. And this will always open the door for competitors to get in and steal your clients from you.

(Disclaimer: Original article appeared on eriaodhuba,com in April 2010)

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Roman November 23, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Customer feedback is something that i believe people know is important but they don’t really do anything with it. Which is sad since according to this survey i recently read ( https://www.mosesandrooth.com/how-people-find-lawyers-in-2015/ ) Referral is one of the most popular methods people discover their attorneys and positive or quick response to negative feedback can result in more possible clients.


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